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More gastronomic delicacies with the family Troisgros !

Just simply further confirmation that we are pure total ‘Foodies’ and are easily led when there is yet another chance of a good meal in amazing surroundings, with perfect service, and with great company of friends.

Invited and treated by our excellent friend, Jean-Marc Dublé, to some superb Troisgros creativity, this was a wonderful opportunity for an exquisite fine-dining experience at Colline du Colombier.

Part of the famous Troisgros family’s restaurant empire, Colline du Colombier is further proof (if you needed one, of course!) that Michel Troisgros and his restaurant and kitchen entourage can put on a great show !

Luckily and surprisingly we were also ‘served’ in part by a very attentive Michel Troisgros and his wife Marie-Pierre who were both in residence, and enjoying a rare escape, and some fun, from their main restaurant of international repute and 3 Michelin Star rating – Maison Troisgros in Roanne.

The simplicity and quality of the food at Colline du Colombier, situated near the village of Iguerande is remarkable.

Michel Troigros also came and sat at our table to discuss his enthusiasm for ‘truffes’ (truffles) and passed around a large box of some very expensive white ones for us to savour the unusual and delicate aroma. The mushroom soup entrée was particularly amazing ! As was the ‘Cannelloni de potimarron aux noix’, and ‘Piéce de rumsteck au cassis’.

The environment is just wonderful – combination of ‘old barn’ with modern minimalist touches. The grounds around this restaurant are a little paradise of ‘nature’ And even in the middle of Autumn has a marvellous magic to it all.

A pure escape into a world of food and nature !

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