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In Renaison, one of the main villages of the Côte Roannaise, between the foothills of the Monts de la Madeleine and Vallee du Roanne in the Roannais, there is an excellent, and well-reputed restaurant called ‘Jacques Coeur’.Restaurant Jacques Cœur

The name of which does not relate to the patron and chef de cuisine, but to a famous, historical character in local medieval French history, during the 15th century in the time of Charles VII.

The restaurant’s menu features his unusual story, the essence and moral of which simply translates as ‘ the human triumph against the seemingly impossible’.

In some ways, this is also the lot of a good chef, and a good restaurant.

The fact that their reputation is often as good as their last meal served, and then they have to do it all over again the next day or evening, is a tough one. Often, too, without quite knowing how many people (or ‘covers’) to cater for.

Always dealing with uncertainties of ingredient and produce quality, and availability. And also creating and serving eager customers with the necessary delicacy, and a permanent smile!Main dining room
Yes, the life of any restaurant, let alone one with a reputation to uphold, is a ‘testing’ one!

The restaurant Jacques Cœur, and it’s patron and chef de cuisine, Jean-Yves Giraudon, is a testament to personal achievement, quality of approach, and success. Like Jacques Cœur, himself, it is a personal triumph! The restaurant, and it’s patron has obviously taken inspiration from this man’s heroism of the past.

A superb, quality, gastronomic restaurant with consistent, exceptional cuisine of a rare choice. Traditional approach with a remarkable difference, unique to Jean-Yves Giraudon.

It is a pure pleasure to experience the culinary delights of this reputable restaurant establishment, with it’s intriguing interior decor, and friezes reflecting the unusual historical story of Jacques Cœur.One of the series of decorative Friezes.

Situated in the heart of the delightful, picturesque village of Renaison in the wonderful Côte Roannaise, Purefrancenow can honestly recommend a visit!

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