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Museum of Modern Art in Saint-Etienne

This is an excellent art museum to visit if you want to see a wide collection of modern art works, displayed and presented in a contemporary and imaginative way.Musée d'Art Moderne Saint-Etienne

There are high quality works from selected modern artists permanently on display, but there are also regular seasonal changes with new themes, new artists, and a variety of events.

Currently through the 2009 summer season there is a special exhibition of Braco Dimitrijevic, born in Sarajevo in 1948.Musée d'Art Moderne Saint-Etienne

Braco is an artist who pioneered ‘conceptual art’ with his first installation ‘The Flag of the World’ in 1963.

His new installation ‘Triptychos Post Historicus’, part of his work on symbolism, is in a special collection at the ‘Musée d’Art Moderne in Saint-Etienne.Work by Braco Dimitijevic

During August there is also a special ‘Ecological’ theme running through the whole gallery called Fragile: Terres d’empathie,  which features many different international artists and sculptors.

This varied and remarkable Expo reflects concerns, both poetic and ‘real’, about the earth, nature, and the modern world around us. There is much ‘food for thought’ here, and all is very impressive.

Great for a visit by all the family, whether you are an art professional or not. So combine it with a trip to the town of Saint-Etienne, or when you are enroute to the Auvergne or Puy-de-Dôme.

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