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“Tricks of the Mind 2” by Brian Franklin – Out Now!!

Two new Poetry Art books by Brian Franklin have recently been published. “Tricks of the Mind 1” and “Tricks of the Mind 2” are now available for preview and for sale. Visit the following links …..

Tricks of the Mind 1 – Preview


Tricks of the Mind 2 – Preview


These two compilations are the result of a very successful collaboration between Brian Franklin (Poems, Lyrics, Prose Commentaries) and Jean Marc Dublé ( Abstract Contemporary Art, Graphic Imagery)

” The compilation of poems, thoughts, lyrics, call it what you will, have all been developed and written during 2015. They are born from ideas and observations from my travels, readings, and personal experiences. A few have also been derived from my writings and poems from the 1970’s to the present day.” (Brian Franklin)

The Art of  Jean Marc Dublé was chosen as perfect illustrative imagery to add contemplative quizzicality to each piece of writing or poem throughout each of these two books. The synergy between these two different forms of creative art and writing and their individual surrealistic commentary on life add a greater impact than just the sum of their parts.

In essence, Tricks of the Mind 1 and 2, are both mentally and visually stimulating.

Tricks of the Mind group spreads

(Sample page spreads)




Born in 1950, Peterborough, England.

Graduated in Economics and Social Sciences at Manchester University.

Originally specialised in graphic design and advertising working in UK design consultancies.

Extensive career in image marketing for major international companies, including photographic art direction, television commercials and video film production.

Held position of  Marketing Executive for Hornsey Art College, London.

Organisation and Project Control for a series of International Furniture Design Awards in London, and directing various projects for the Design Council and Business Design Centre.

Worked with international fashion and textile designers, such as Mary Quant, Marimekko, Linda Beard, and Jeff Banks. Textile and Furniture Design projects for both UK and world markets.

Involvement in International art, design, and promotional projects, coprorate events, exhibitions and photographic assignments in the UK, USA, France, Holland, Germany, and Design projects for the Middle East and Japan.

Ongoing activity: Art Concepts, Creative Writing, Product Design, Marketing, Website Design, Photography, Illustration, Digital Imaging.

Director of, and The Edge Marketing and Design Consultancy.



The remarkable and original art, drawings, and design concepts of Jean-Marc Dublé are found in the many pages of his art diaries, notebooks, and almanacs. They follow each other from page to page like a kind of chronicle, a journal of the daily life of an artist who observes, looks at life , his life, the lives of those he meets daily, life of the world, the news, and the images of life that involves the media in our lives. But he does it with a distance and detachment, waiving and commenting on the absurd, and creating hilarity and comedy out of events, history, by accessorising with simple strokes of his pen and pencil, commenting on the idiocy and futility of life . His designs emphasise the outline, identify patterns with efficient precision that goes to the essentials. The contributions of the cartoon, its spatiality, its ability to focus the eyes on the move, which crystallizes detail of the content of the subject matter by delivering the visual narrative where we then meditate upon the resultant imagery created. All this, and more, we see things graphically simplified in cartoon-like form and linear drawings akin to the style of Pop Art. But this is not all. In his drawings Jean-Marc also demonstrates a surrealism and strong contemplative imagery which are in complete harmony with the persuasiveness of contemporary design. 

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