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December 2012 Famous Festival of Light in Lyon

This famous event is certainly one of the best of its type in Europe, and is a must-see if you anywhere near the beautiful city of Lyon at this time of year. An astonishing display of lighting effects on many key buildings and architecture around the city. Simply stunning! During this special event there are […]


Marie Antoinette Guillotine Anniversary – 16th October 1873.

It was the anniversary of Marie Antoinette’s Guillotining at the Place de la Revolution in Paris this Tuesday, 16th October. Marie Antoinette, born Archduchess of Austria, was in line to become Queen of France when she married the future Louis XVI of France in 1774. She’s famous for something she likely never said, “Let them […]


The remarkable city of Saint Etienne.

The remarkable city of Saint Etienne is well worth a visit, and only a 45 minute drive away from the Roannais. Saint Etienne is a city in eastern central France. It is located in the Massif Central, 60 km (37.28 miles) southwest of Lyon in the Rhône-Alpes region, along the trunk road that connects Toulouse with Lyon. […]


Roanne Table Ouverte is back on the menu in the Roannais.

Roanne Table Ouverte, 10th Festival of Gastronomy in the Roannais region during the month of October 2012. (Literally ‘open table’ – a welcome for all the public to enjoy some of the best restaurants in the region) The gastronomic jewel of Roanne and the Roannais! It is an opportunity and a pleasure for all the […]


The Pure Art Gallery adds more to its collection!

The Pure Art Gallery continues to add new art concepts to its extensive collection. This time, Brian Franklin offers some more artistic insights from his summer travels. All the image and art ideas presented are available in different sizes and formats, and can be colour-customised to suit any interior – whether home, office, or reception. […]


The Marvellous Men in their Flying Machines are back in the Roannais.

The 20th Roanne Meeting Aerien International 2012 is blessed with sunshine and clear blue skies for this spectacular event. We will all be gazing up to the skies once again to marvel at their heroic and intrepid aerial ballet and acrobatics. It is a simply amazing event – well worth a visit if you are […]


Purefrancenow returns to wonderful Reggio Emelia!

More from Reggio Emelia soon! WATCH THIS SPACE!!


Purefrancenow visits romantic Verona, and stunning Lake Garda.

As we have said before, the Roannais, here in central France, is exceptionally convenient for easy access to many different places of interest. A short plane ‘hop’ (45 minutes) from Lyon to Milan, and you are amongst the wonders of Italian culture, countryside, and cuisine. We love it! Pick up a little Fiat run-around and […]


The Beaujolais near the Roannais!

The Roannais may not be the most well known wine growing area around the world, but our neighboring department certainly is. The Beaujolais is just 30 minutes drive from Roanne, in fact pre-19th century the Roannais was part of the Beaujolais region. Although we have been to the famous Beaujolais region quite a few times,  […]


Purefrancenow in Italy!

New Blog on our recent Italian sojourn coming soon. Watch this space!


Purefrancenow in Berlin – What a sight! by Brian Franklin

As Purefrancenow discovered, Berlin is one of those historical cities which has to be high on the list to visit, at least once. I went with my wife, Lucy, and our son, Ellis, and Juliane, my wife’s mother ( who was born in East Germany, and is from Prussian descent.) Juliane had never been back […]


Happy Bastille Day!

On July 14th the French celebrate Bastille Day. This day marks the end of monarchy and the beginning of the French Revolution. Several factors led to the Revolution. France had the largest population in Europe and not nearly enough food to feed it. The wealthy and growing bourgeoisie (the middle-class, merchants and businessmen) were allowed […]


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